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Move beyond typical store-bought materials to see what Mother Nature can provide. Inside this book You’ll meet some of our nation’s most acclaimed artists focusing on carving driftwood, burls, cypress knees and other forms of weathered wood-commonly referred to as foundwood. You can learn their secrets to remarkable carving and be inspired by a stunning photo gallery of their work. You’ll also be led, step by step through an entire project. Learn from the artists: – Jack Portice – Carol Jean Boyd – Debbe Edwards – Rick Jensen – David Neener – Marshal Artime – John Burke – Jim Wright – Gary Falin – Renee’ Manning

<a href="javascript:void(0)" data-action="a-expander-toggle" class="a-declarative" data-a-expander-toggle="Once in a while the wood tells you what will happen." – Jim Wright "Found wood already has inspiration in it It is a natural product, delivered to your hands just the way Mother Nature made it." – David Neener There's something exciting, challenging, and authentic about working with wood that has been found in nature. It begins as a washed a-shore branch of driftwood, a fallen piece of bark, or even a weathered piece of bristle cone pine found high a-top a Colorado mountain. But its natural beauty provides shape and inspiration for an artist. A twisted trunk becomes a prowling lion; a bended branch becomes preying bird. The wood itself guides the artist's hands and the project does not start in the workshop, but in nature. Inside this book You'll meet many artists-masters in the art of carving found wood. You'll hear their exciting stories of forging wood and view stunningly photographed samples of their work. You'll also learn what each artist looks for in a piece of wood, what tools they use, tips for finishing and so a lot more. You'll also be guided-step by step-through an entire project carved in cottonwood bark. You'll never look at a tree the same again. – Jack Portice – Carol Jean Boyd – Debbe Edwards – Rick Jensen – David Neener – Marshal Artime – John Burke – Jim Wright

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